Our Smiles and Our Challenges

Few things are more heartwarming than a smile. A smile radiates warmth, friendliness, and good feelings. Most people enjoy encountering a smile from a friend and feel a sense of security when receiving one from a stranger. It’s hard to not smile back at big, happy, friendly grins. It’s human nature to want to smile and return a smile to someone.

But while many of us take our smiles for granted, others dare not smile. They are self-conscious of how their smile looks. They are struggling with their oral health and may not even be aware of the severity of their condition.

Research from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that nearly 50% of American adults age 30 and older suffer from some type of periodontal disease.

Periodontists have long addressed these issues. They are not just dental specialists, but also aim to help their patients as critical partners in the healthcare community. Periodontists help people, serve society, and make a difference.

Most people are not aware of the correlation between periodontal and systemic health, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and unfavorable birth outcomes.

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